Four Ways to Figure Out What You Really Want to Do with Your Life

Are you ready to take control of your life and go after what it is you really want? Start today, and set the future version how to create meaning in life of yourself up for success. Discover the driving force behind your goals to master how to get what you want in life.

Now that you’ve fulfilled your essential needs, you can focus on your limiting beliefs. These are the stories you tell yourself about the way you are and the way the world is. Such beliefs are often formed in childhood, based on how we were taught to earn the love we desired most – or if our needs went entirely unfulfilled. These beliefs are deeply ingrained, but that doesn’t make them true. You can change your story, and when you do, you’ll change your life. Psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi has studied the concept of “flow,” a pillar of positive psychology research that he pointed out in the 1970s.

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Your life will become more fulfilling when you do things that give you a feeling of accomplishment. Suppose did very well in a dancing class and got first prize in your college days. You were filled with pride and a sense of being superior. It would be great to continue taking lessons on dancing and enter more competitions at the state level or national level.

  • Over time this can increase stress, depression, anxiety and can make you feel like you don’t have control over your life.
  • Why not try and outdo such things and create more excitement in life?
  • People who tend to lean toward the left are logical, reality-based, practical, and intellectual, when people who tend to lean toward the right are artistic, intuitive, feeling, and imaginative.
  • If anyone has ever said to you, “We need to talk,” then you know exactly what I mean.

We’ve got you covered with a guide full of ideas and questions to help you figure out what you really want. Because so many follow these “traditional” paths, both in real life and in Western popular culture, we learn from a young age to model and emulate these behaviors. Family and cultural traditions can dictate what is expected of us throughout life, particularly among women, which can elicit anxiety when those benchmarks aren’t reached. When people are rewarded and celebrated for graduating from college or getting married, we internalize these events as being desirable.

Overcome your limiting beliefs

Eliminate choices that are unrealistic, then choose a couple ideas to explore further. Research any jobs or lifestyles that strike you as legitimate possibilities, and consider visiting workplaces to shadow people or try an internship related to the choices you like. By taking classes, talking to people living interesting lives, and even volunteering, you can expose yourself to new possibilities. Lastly, remember that you can always change course.

There’s something that happens when we write something down on a physical piece of paper. You become a creator when you write down your goals. You are acknowledging both to your conscious and subconscious minds that where you are right now is not where you want to be. Your brain then makes this distinction and becomes unhappy with the status quo. Gratitude is another habit that can completely transform your mindset.

self-discovery questions for getting to know the real you

In a lot of cases, this just means trying out various side projects that interest you in your free time. Once you pinpoint the one thing that makes you happy the most, you’ll have a clear idea of what you should strive for in your life. Lynn Newman has a Masters in Counseling Psychology, is a writer, painter, and game creator (like The Game of You & The Game of Insight – An Interactive Way To Know Yourself, Create The Life You Want).

The bridge from passion to money-maker can’t be made hastily. Interests often get discarded because they cannot be immediately relayed into a source of income. And therefore aren’t as important as work that does.

I asked Mike why so many people think trade jobs, like those in plumbing, HVAC and electrical professions, are dead-end jobs that provide no upward mobility, and why it’s untrue. • Many people want a high-impact professional role but also the ability to be in the fabric of their children’s lives and participate actively in how they grow. You can find meaning in doing something without being acknowledged or rewarded for doing it. Perhaps drawing or playing the guitar makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside, but you only do it within the sanctity of your home. It doesn’t matter if anyone else sees it, reads it, hears it; keep doing it. Finding one’s life purpose is a constant process and impacts our overall well-being.

  • As soon as you start to anticipate an event, you start to act and feel in ways that help you prepare for what you think is going to occur.
  • I needed about a million things that had nothing to do with business – being in nature, sitting on the porch with a good book, spending time with my loved ones, and so on.
  • One of our core beliefs here at Vox is that everyone needs and deserves access to the information that helps them understand the world, regardless of whether they can pay for a subscription.
  • This just one of the many reasons why coaching is a good fit for me.
  • At any stage in life, deciding what you want to “do” with your life can feel fraught.

The only thing that will make you happy is the person you have become and what you have created in your lifetime. Ultimately, your mindset is the basis for how to get what you want in life. If you let your circumstances, emotions and events outside your control dictate your mindset, you’ll always be distracted from your end goals. But when you learn how to control your mindset, you control your outcomes. One way to do this is to adopt empowering habits.

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